MSc Seminars & Workshop

Each student must attend at least 15 departmental (or otherwise approved) graduate seminar presentations during the course of the MSc program, and present his/her thesis work during a final-year workshop (end of the 3rd semester).

The seminars explore current research and topical issues in the areas of monitoring, control, management, and security of CIS, as well as other related electrical and computer engineering disciplines, focused on the general theme of innovation. Seminars are organized in blocks with related content, and are presented by prominent outside speakers as well as by faculty members and graduate students. Each seminar includes a presentation, in addition to wide-ranging discussions among speakers, faculty, and students.

Discussions involve issues such as relations between presented research areas, requirements for further advances in the “state-of- the-art”, the role of enabling technologies, the responsible practice of research, and career paths. The course requires participation in at least 15 seminar presentations over the course of the MSc program. Students must attend at least 5 non-technical seminar presentations.

Students are also expected to participate in a dedicated workshop, organized at the University of Cyprus, which will be exploring specific research and innovation topics related to their MSc program.  The workshop will include prominent speakers from the academia and industry. During the workshop, students will also be required to showcase their work for their MSc thesis, attend the presentations by other fellow MSc students, and discuss their research work and exchange ideas with other students and faculty.