ECE 806 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Instructor: Dr. Daina Nikolaou, University of Cyprus

The purpose of this course is to explore the many dimensions of new venture creation and growth. While most examples will be drawn from new venture formation, the course examines cases in ICT-related entrepreneurship, as well as social and non-profit entrepreneurship.
The course also focuses on the challenges involved in attempting to profit from both incremental routine information and more radical revolutionary changes in products and processes. It highlights the importance of innovation to new ventures as well as established firms, and explores the organizational, economic and strategic problems that need to be tackled in order to ensure innovation as a long-term source of competitive advantage.
This course will give students a thorough knowledge of where innovation can be found within the organization, how to recognize it, and how it can be used for competitive advantage. Moreover, will provide students an understanding of how they, as future leaders of innovative organizations, can recognize and harness creativity.