MSc in Intelligent CIS program

Program Objectives

The main objective of the MSc in Intelligent Critical Infrastructure Systems (CIS) program is to teach highly innovative methods, tools, and technologies for the monitoring, control, management, and security of CIS for a competent workforce that will be recruited by local and regional authorities and international companies seeking to make CIS more reliable, safe, resilient, efficient, and sustainable. In addition, the program is designed to transfer knowledge on the research and innovation challenges faced by modern CIS and cultivate student interest in pursuing a career path in research and innovation. Doing so, it is expected to contribute to the transformation of the research and innovation culture of Cyprus and the Mediterranean-Middle East region. The program is open to students from different technical backgrounds, spanning the different areas of science and engineering.

The program is intended to:

  • Provide the theoretical basis for the monitoring, control, management, and security of intelligent critical infrastructure systems, with associated modelling, simulation, and design methods and algorithms.
  • Produce graduates equipped to pursue careers that involve design, modelling, analysis, control and optimization, as well as business aspects of critical infrastructure systems.
  • Offer students from a broad engineering and science background the opportunity to acquire ICT knowledge of intelligent critical infrastructure systems.
  • Provide a solid background that will enable graduates to further continue their studies towards a PhD degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering on the topic of Intelligent CIS.

The program will result in students developing an understanding of the knowledge and a critical awareness of Intelligent CIS. Students will graduate with relevant and up-to-date knowledge that will allow them to find employment in the CIS industry or continue their studies at the PhD level.

Program Learning Outcomes

When graduating from the program, students will have acquired the skills to:

  • Deal with particular CIS challenges, understand the specific technical and management features, and the specific risks and security issues related to the considered CIS.
  • Apply innovative ICT techniques to address monitoring, control, management, and security of CIS at the technical, managerial, and policy level.
  • Conduct both theoretical and applied research contributing to the transformation of the research and innovation culture of Cyprus.