MSc Thesis

The program includes a final-year project (MSc thesis) on a research topic.  Projects are allocated at the end of February of the 1st year of study (student proposals for projects may also be allowed, after examination and approval by the Department’s Graduate Studies Committee). Projects can be carried out in collaboration with the industry, tackling specific research challenges faced by the industry. For industrial projects, the specific project and student(s) involved are approved mutually by the project supervisor(s) and the specific company/organization.

Student Advising

Academic Advisor: Every student is assigned, upon admission into the program, an Academic Advisor who is faculty member of the ECE department. The Academic Advisor, assigned by the Graduate Studies Committee during the admission evaluation process, monitors the progress of the student and consults with the student on his/her academic plans.

Research Supervisor: By the end of the second semester, every student finds a Research Supervisor. The Research Supervisor will be responsible for overseeing the work conducted by the student with regards to the final-year project. The Research Supervisor is approved by the Graduate Studies Committee, in consultation with the student and the suggested advisor.

Thesis Committee

The Thesis Committee will consist of the student’s Research Supervisor and two additional faculty members with related research interests. One of the members of the Committee can be a qualified individual who is external to the Department. The student’s Research Supervisor will be the chairperson and coordinator of the Committee.

Thesis Proposal

Students are expected to submit a written initial report by the end of the 2nd semester (Spring). The initial report covers the background, specification and milestones for the project, providing the aims and objectives of the project, a literature review and a contents page for the final report.

Thesis Report

Students start full time work on their project after the end of exams in May. The student presents a written project report to the MSc Thesis Committee at least by the end of November of the 3rd semester of the program. The report has to be in a generally accepted format and must contain a description of the proposed research, obtained results, and a complete bibliography which includes the current state of art.

Defense of the MSc Thesis

The student presents the scientific research findings of his/her MSc Thesis during an oral defense, which takes place before the MSc Thesis Committee (usually during December) and is open to the public.

The procedure for the defense is comprised of three stages:

  • An oral presentation of the thesis in an open lecture lasting 30-45 minutes, with additional time available for questions from the public.
  • A closed discussion between the student and the members of the MSc Thesis Committee.
  • Meeting of the MSc Thesis Committee to make its final deliberation.


MSc Thesis Timeline